I love you, Houston

Inspiration during the tragedy, that’s what I found during Hurricane Harvey. This is not a political situation: this travesty isn’t for you to use for your political agenda on any side. There are black cops going and helping white children, black men in boats going into “redneck” areas saving people, mosques, and churches taking in those who need shelter, of all religions. White men carrying women of color and their extremely young children, black women helping white men, Asian men helping Hispanic women.

Houston is the most diverse city in America. More than Los Angeles, more than New York. Six and a half million people, just in the city, but do NOT forget about Rockport, Port A, Galveston, Corpus Christie, and their surrounding areas adding up to over 11 million people. They got the head of the category 4 hurricane, Houston gets the tropical storm and flooding. I have friends and classmates from on the coast who’s parents no longer have homes and roofs.

I must reiterate how this is not a travesty for political purposes. The Hurricane was NOT caused by a homophobic or racist God because Houston elected a lesbian woman for mayor and then a black man. It was not caused because Texas voted GOP in the 2016 election. It was not caused because Houston voted blue. This is not the time for you to say “I told you so” because this extreme weather is a possible outcome of climate change. This is not the time.

Houston is the greatest city in Texas, in America, in the world. The pride and support for our athletic teams, or celebrities like Beyoncé, and Texas, in general, is amazing. I will never be disappointed in the fact I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and my parents were the same. There is so much to be proud of here and now: Mattress Mac letting families into Gallery Furniture locations, the temples, mosques, and churches, big and small, opening their doors, heroes using resources they have and platforms to do amazing things. HEB and Buc-ee’s having disaster relief protocols and providing food and shelter. JJ Watt for raising over $5.5 million, the Astros, the Texans, Beyoncé, The Rockets, the Supernatural show cast and Random Acts, and so many more celebrities and everyday people donating what they can.

First responders, doctors and nurses, social workers and teachers, and so much more people with the ability to help others during this time. Police, EMTs, and firefighters have been constantly saving lives and staying up all hours to find and make people secure the best they can. Carrying grown people and children, people in wheelchairs on jet skis and doing whatever they can to ensure we survive.

It is so important to treat each other with respect during this time. I have so much love for the craziness that has ensued with guys on jet skis and wakeboarding and sharing tequila and beer. I am overwhelmed with feelings of people and places doing their part to make sure animals and pets are not forgotten and put in harm’s way. There is so much inspiration to be seen during this time that makes you want to help, to do ANYTHING. And I implore you to do something. Stay safe fellow Texans. I love you all.

That being said here are different links where you can donate 🙂

JJ Watt’s Houston Flood Relief Fund (over $6 MILLION raised so far) I donated here.

To give specifically to the Red Cross simply text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10

Red Cross Disaster Relief

Help Feed the Children and Families

Houston Food Bank

Food Bank of Corpus Christi

Houston Humane Society to help out the animals


We are #HoustonStrong


Stay safe, Stay glowing,


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