Goodbye, High School.

Well, high school is done. I don’t know how to start this by not saying thank you to everyone that’s ever been there for me. Through my insane moods, that are not limited to crying, screaming, ridiculous comments, my “everyone-else-is-wrong” SJW phase, and every time I thought I fell in love. I made a lot of mistakes in high school and I’ll be the first to admit them and tell you my life story, but from all that happened, I learned what it means to grow up. Growing up means you understand the world around you, you know how to take care of yourself, you learn everything you possibly can, and you understand any type love can overcome all boundaries.

Yes, I am an adult, but I have not “grown-up”. I understand love and how to care for myself, but I’m not done learning. I’ll never be done learning. I’m a lifetime learner because of Cooper, and I am truly proud of that. Cooper gave me an atmosphere that, yes was stressful because exams exist and we can’t just take those away, (and I’m glad I was able to graduate before I only had two exams every final season) has truly prepared me for anything that comes my way. I’m ready for college exams, professors that don’t care if your dog is sick and you want to go home, or if you’re homesick or POTUS isn’t who you wanted it to be. I’m ready for exam, exam, exam, and exam with no break. But that is starting to change at my school and I’m glad I’m old enough to realize that that’s not exactly the best way to deal with stress in a high school environment. Not here to debate the pros and cons of final exams, but life is stressful. To be able to truly be successful in this truly competitive day in age, it has to be.


In lower school, I had the kindest teachers that taught me the basics, fundamentals, how to keep out of trouble, and prepared me for all the little things. In middle school, things got harder, definitely not academically but socially. Yes, there were some academic challenges, but finding my group of friends that actually cared about me and weren’t horrible, little children (who grew up to be okay) that took advantage of other people was really difficult. There is drama upon drama, and I got involved in it because of the “friends” I thought I found. I found my group of friends after I was cyberbullied, and even the group of friends I thought I found, were still a little awkward and some of them didn’t really like me. One of the girls always tried to diagnose me with different mental disorders and different ways I could “take care of myself better”. But as the group evolved I found a really good friend, a truly amazing person that I’m still in touch with the day even though she lives in Canada (yes, Lauren this is about you).


And now high school, the chapter of the book of my life I just finished. It started off interesting because I didn’t understand half my teachers because school is weird and lectures are now a thing and grades matter because transcripts exist. Freshman year was easy I guess, I kept bouncing around groups of friends, I didn’t really learn any life lessons that year, except it’s okay to ask parents for help. Sophomore year was a completely different story. I guess you could say it was like a stereotypical high school senior year with parties on weekends, talking to boys, and random encounters with human beings. But, I found my two best friends I still talk to daily, Ashley and Caroline, and began to understand that one of my friends who has been in my life since birth is one of my best friends, Lizzie. I also made an abundance of bad decisions that year that got me an in-school suspension, but I never had a pink slip. I so greatly disagree with the fact I got an in-school suspension, because I was sticking up for somebody, but not in the best way. But I learned that my mental health is something I need to take better care of, to keep better track of. Junior year was hard, academically, socially, just hard because I was ready to leave and one of my best friends was about to leave me after my other best friend left me the year before (yes Caroline and Ashley). I didn’t know what I was going t do without talking face-to-face every single day. I figured if I dove 100% into soccer, school, and yearbook, time will fly by.


Now the senior year, how the hell is that already over. It felt like it was taking an eternity during the school year, but now that it’s over I feel like I’m an eighth grader: so confused, really scared, but so ready to start this upcoming fall semester. I’m going to my dream school, I’ve got one hell of a scholarship, and I’m OK. Like truly OK. If you know me, you know I have body positivity issues, because of my size and ultimately my health, but I know this is something I can fix at college because it will be about what I want to do for myself, not if I want a date to prom or something trivial. This all seems like it’s been written before, that writing “how is high school over” and “these are some tips to get you through high school”. That’s not what I want to do here, so I’m gonna tell you some things about high school you may hear from other people, but I’m not quite sure.


  1. Freshman year doesn’t matter grades wise. Freshman year is the year to learn how to learn: how to take notes, study another language, how to annotate while reading in a way that is actually helpful, so later when the grades do count, you don’t have to figure out how to study then.
  2. No one is going to remember that bad hair day, or your facial acne because high schoolers are vain and selfish with every right to be within reason because nobody has time for vanity as an adult, and are too worried about what they look like.
  3. Also, if that guy or girl isn’t paying attention to you, getting a crazy makeover probably won’t change that – sorry. Sorry, people suck and some won’t like you. But if you wanna do it, bro/sis, GO BE YOU, hun. No one is going to remember your bomb ass makeup days (sadly) like your gross, week-into-dry-shampoo-only bad hair days.
  4. Screw the dress code some days. No one has time.
  5. Tons of people cheat in school. The people with great grades, the people with average grades (um hi me), and the people with bad grades. It happens, some people get caught, and some people don’t.
  6. The teacher may not like you because they can tell you don’t like them or you don’t even try at the class or pretend like you like it, but they’re NOT out to get you or giving you bad grades for no reason. You gotta work harder.
  7. You’re not entitled to awards. Stop it.
  8. Social justice and social liberalism are becoming more mainstream. Do not let censorship influence your education, I’ll settle for some in social interactions, but we have to learn the bad along with the good, Ying and Yang man.
  9. Everyone is scared about college and adulthood and grades. Tune out their anxieties and listen to yourself. You’ll get through it.
  10. Seriously listen to your parents sometimes. They love you, and they were teenagers too and went through the same, and most likely worst things in their lives, so trust them.


Okay so yes that last one is (hopefully) obvious and has been said before, but it’s necessary to rearticulate because my parents did so much for me during my time at school, from reading aloud books for me when I was too tired, checking papers, and holding my hand. I’m not really ready to let go completely because there is still so much I need help with and need to learn.

But I am ready to go into the world and go into university because of Cooper, because of the school I grew up with. Yet, the school is changing the things that have challenged me, that made me intelligent, that set me on a path where I am not scared of academic obstacles I am going to face. So to those at my school right now: take advantage of the challenges, of those things that stress you out, because that feeling of getting into your dream school is unparalleled. Trust me. If it gets too much, talk to your teachers, talk to your parents, talk to someone. It may take you a little longer to figure things out, but you will figure it out.

Thank you again for those who have been there. I love you dearly.


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