Makeup as an Art Form

Makeup has definitely been given a bad reputation. Guys calling it deceitful and lying, saying that’s why they don’t trust girls, even give nicknames like cakeface and clown girl. Of course there can be some bad makeup mess ups like when you don’t blend it down your neck or having sperm eyebrows. But all in all, makeup is just makeup and it comes off at the end of the day. My favorite quote about makeup is by a male makeup artist named Patrick Starrr: “Makeup is one size fits all”. And it truly is.

My mom dropped out of Texas A&M and went to cosmetology school and had some of the best life experiences. She went to work in downtown Houston and worked with famous hairdressers and worked on wives, mothers, and sisters of famous people. One of her favorites was Patrick Swayze’s sister. She was invited to attend classes in Indianapolis to learn directly from the founder of Aveda, which we still use religiously today. One time she took classes in Chicago and had the privilege of hearing Maya Angelou speak and even got to speak with here one on one. Makeup and and all forms beauty has always been a huge part of my life.

I always played with her makeup and kids makeup, wearing hot pink lipgloss and blue eyeshadow. Then I got better as my mother taught me how to put on my show and dance makeup, like that red lipstick and that gross top coating. I remember putting makeup on Barbie dolls after removing all their clothes and wandering through the beauty sections with my mom at Walgreens or CVS. I danced to RuPaul and watched his videos, utterly amazed at how fabulous he looked.

My freshmen year I was in a dark place after soccer season. The lack of daily exercise ceases my endorphin levels and a myriad of other issues took over while I was clothes shopping with my mom. I just sort of broke down in the middle of Macy’s or something and my mom took my back to the car. We agreed I needed to go back to therapy just to talk everything out with her. Then she said “yell this. Fuck it.” I had to whisper it a couple times before I was able to yell it and we went back inside. She took my to the Chanel booth and paid for me to get an entire makeover and purchased everything they used on me: I had never felt so beautiful and grownup before that moment. This is when my collection started.

My bathroom counter started with this little thing that held all my Chanel products and then the Naked3 palette, and more brushed until I had to upgrade my organizer station. The more money I got, the more makeup I bought. I became a VIB Rouge holder in less than 3 months, and I do not regret it. Most everyone at Sephora recognizes me and knows I love Tarte, Benefit, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Clinique and a few others. I consider makeup to be an artform. If you have ever looked up NikkieTutorials, do it now. She is such an inspiration for me, as a big girl, even one of my best friends Keelie has told me that NikkieTutorials reminds her of me, which is one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received.

I’m not talented. I can’t play an instrument, craft beautiful statues, sing, dance, paint, draw, do gymnastics, score from half field, swim a mile in 15 minutes or whatever time is really good. Yet, I can beat a face, blend eyeshadows, give myself flawless wings, and apply falsies in seconds. Over time, with a lot of trial and error, I’ve been able to use it as an artform by constructing different looks for anything I want. This past year in English we read Dante’s Inferno and were given a project to do of anything we wanted that reflected what we learned about the Inferno. I did makeup. Nine completely makeup looks for each circle of Hell, and it took weeks. It ended up being worth it because I had stuff to post on my instagram ( and got an A+.

Makeup as given me the confidence needed to get through some of the hardest times these past years. The praise and compliments I have received from friends, family, and even famous makeup artists and companies like Jeffree Star and Benefit Cosmetics. It’s given me a tangible talent. Makeup has been a relaxation technique and something to clear my mind. I’ve been able to appreciate it as not just as something that “covers up flaws”  but as an art form that you can do whatever you want with it, because it washes off at the end of the day.


Love you all,


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