Thirteen Things I’ve Learned

13 things I learned during 13 years of school (at John Cooper especially):

  1. Do, what you want to do, even if you are afraid that you’ll fail to do it. Or if you are afraid of what other people might say. Believe me, nothing will matter after some time except the fact that despite all obstacles, with shaking voice and sweating palms you’ve done it.
  2. Learn to like your own company. Don’t be with people just for sake of being with people or for not looking like a loser. Don’t subject yourself to hanging out with people you hate or don’t like you just because you want to be seen. Learn to be comfortable with yourself and you’ll never going to feel alone.
  3. Buy a water bottle. Whenever you sit down, always take it out, even if you don’t feel thirsty. You’ll drink more water, when you’ll constantly see the bottle in front of your eyes. I always have my Yeti with me and everyone knows it’s mine.
  4. Always carry with yourself: a water bottle, some wet wipes, a mini first aid kit (containing some medical plasters, cotton buds, medicine, etc.), some makeup (if you use it), USB flash drive, earphones, a phone, a phone charger, a wallet.
  5. FAIL, FAIL and FAIL once more. Especially, if you’re in earlier years, when grades don’t matter that much. Want it or not, sometime in your life you are going to fail and if you haven’t failed before you won’t realize that failure is not such a bad thing and that you can (and will) recover from it.
  6. Do things anyway. Feel anxious? Think that you are not capable of doing something? Do it anyway. Because something unknown always seems a lot more dangerous and scary than it really is. Believe me on this one. You will realize how many chances you’ve lost because of your fear when it’ll be too late to change something. Nothing is as scary as it seems.
  7. Try as many new and different things as possible. Enroll into the guitar or the piano lessons. Learn a new language on Duolingo. Take an art. Play another sport. Learn to use Photoshop, InDesign or another program. Try as much online courses as possible… You can always quit things, if you don’t like them, anyway.
  8. Don’t do things that you really really do not like. Even if they might be beneficial to yourself in the future. For instance, if you hate Russian language, don’t study it. Even if knowing Russian will help you to easier find a job in the future. Same goes for most school subjects. One way or another you’ll figure things out. Life is too short to waste it on doing thing you don’t like. But there are somethings you just have to do. You have to go to school and study. You have to take those classes you hate. Just find a way to get through it.
  9. Explore the world. Travel. Can’t travel? Watch documentaries about different parts of Earth. Find a penpal from another country or just start a chat with someone on tumblr. This way, you’ll learn so much more than it is taught in schools.
  10. School can be and is hard. A lot of times it can make you forget things that truly matter to you in order to fit in. For this, buy a small notebook and in it write all your goals, beliefs, things you want to achieve, etc. Take it everywhere with yourself. Read it every time you’re in doubt or unsure of yourself…
  11. Try to make friends with everyone, despite their “social status”. But don’t put up with toxic people. Don’t please others, even if that means standing alone. All the time try to be yourself.
  12. Understand that everyone around you is in the same place you are. If you’re a freshman, know that everyone in your class is just as freaked out by grades as you are. If you’re a senior, everyone is stressed about college and the “real world” just like you. And once you just admit that, other people will, and you won’t feel so alone.
  13. Dream big, think hard, engage deeply. Reach beyond your limits. Read philosophy, learn astronomy, quantum physics. Look at the stars every night. Ask yourself hard questions: what’s the meaning of life, why we’re here, are we alone in the universe, etc?.. Even if you won’t get answers. What matters the most, is the questions you ask.

My senior year has been pretty amazing. Some classes are better than others, some friends are greater than others, and we just try to bond over how much stress sucks. I drink a lot of Starbucks, I put on a bright highlight, and do what I do best: tell it like it is. My high school soccer coach for the last 5 years (yes in 8th grade me and a few friends played in high school) never sugar coated anything, and she’s my favorite. I don’t try and fit into anything. I tell ignorant people they’re ignorant, I bathe you in compliments, I buy my friends presents for no reason, and I make people laugh.

This guy said the other day to me “Brittany LaVergne, you’re always on point. Like straight up just real as fuck.”  And that’s what I want to be. Just knowing I’ve survived the worst days of my life and I have so sort of direction in life, even if it’s just making sure I get up in the mornings and brush my teeth, that’s all you need.

Good night, ♡Brit

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